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TheSeekerNFT, has been creating NFTs for the past two years minting on Ethereum blockchain and now including the Cardano blockchain. The Seeker NFT’s work consists of Unique hash DNA creations, Memes, Animations, including AI generated images. In early 2022, TheSeekerNFT created a rebuttal to the Nerds & Virgins project called Jocks & Bullies CNFT, where he looked to provide utility and value to a failing project. 

Twitter: @TheSeekerNFT


Type: NFT Artist

NFT Location: Rarible & Single Point Gallery

Experience: +2 Years

Main Style: Unique NFT Generation, Memes, Animations, AI Generated, Video

TheSeekerNFT Projects

Ms. Mary Jane 2022

A 4/20 Special edition limited run of 132 unique pinups featuring the beautiful “Gigi” from the Jocks & Bullies CNFT project. Celebrate April 20th with your very own limited edition Ms. Mary Jane 2022!

“Inspired by the Jocks & Bullies CNFT project, I wanted to give back to that community a special thanks for minting and a celebration of 4/20 and the launch of the project!!” – TheSeekerNFT

Jocks and Bullies CNFT

Jocks and Bullies CNFT is a direct response to the lack of leadership in the Nerds and Virgins CNFT project. The Jocks and Bullies are looking to jump-start the project with a twist! By “locking” Nerds and Virgins up with only the release of a ransom of 69 ada, Jocks and Bullies looks to add value to the Nerds and Virgins CNFT project. Every Jocks and Bullies CNFT holder has a vote on what to do with the community Nerds sales. The community may take a cut of the sales or vote to push the funds into a blue-chip CNFT! The options are in the Jocks and Bullies Hands!

Jocks & Bullies CNFT are in no way affiliated with Nerds and Virgins.

Single Point Gallery 12 Days of Giving (VR World)

This event has ended: 12 Days of Giving

A promotional event for Single Point Gallery’s holiday giveaway, TheSeekerNFT was instrumental in creating and maintaining the virtual world for our guests to enter and participate in the 12-day-long event. TheSeekerNFT’s attention to detail provided a world full of eventful holiday cheer along with a simple hide-and-seek element that kept people coming back for more!

“I loved making the world into a place for people to come in and celebrate the holiday season with a new twist. Seeing participants from all over the world was fun and I especially enjoyed the funny avatars people made!” – TheSeekerNFT

Miami Maria Walks Wynwood

Take a walk through the colorful graffiti-covered walls of Wynwood with Maria in Miami Florida. Inspired by a recent trip to Miami for Bitcoin Conference 2021, held in the upcoming neighborhood of Wynwood, “Miami Maria” walks along the road showcasing some of my favorite works of art. A simple animation with ambient sounds to give you that city feel, “Miami Maria Walks Wynwood” is a short .mp4 that can be looped.

“Turn the sound on!” – TheSeekerNFT


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Doge Wedding – Such Commit

Doge to the Moon? Do you have Diamond Hands? 4/20!

Inspired by my good friend’s wedding and his love for DOGE, here is a wonderful piece to celebrate DOGE’s launch to the MOON on April 20th, 2021. Happy Anniversary, to the MOON!

Unlockables include a large version, a high-quality version, a Large .PNG, and a celebration image from the creator.

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Crypto Titties – Verified Artist

Ah yes, Crypto Titties, a play on the infamous Crypto Kitties. A foray into the world of Crypto and NFTs, TheSeekerNFT created a set of animations promoting the insane rise and fall of crypto through meme culture featuring a “Titty Drop” with that crypto twist. 

“As a fan of memes, crypto, woman, and animation, I wanted to make something that could turn heads and make you smile. As a self-proclaimed ‘Crypto Bro’, those in the space can only begin to understand.” – TheSeekerNFT

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