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Stamps of Cardano – Chinese New Year Special Release

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What is Stamps of Cardano – Chinese New Year Special Release?

Stamps of Cardano is a project that was released a few months again in their first season, now the announcement of a new special release through the Chinese New Year. The Stamps of Cardano Chinese New Year Special is a series of 50 sets of 4 stamps for a total supply of just 200 which depicts bold art in respect to the Year of the Water Tiger from 1962’s Queen Elizabeth II Hong Kong stamp series.

A look at the Stamps of Cardano Artwork.

The Stamps of Cardano team has created a wonderful addition to their collection with bright vibrant colors but also staying true to the original stamp. As a stamp and art collector, I have thoroughly enjoyed these NFTs with a sense of nostalgia that brings me back to my childhood years with my grandfather. The Chinese New Year Special continues this vintage look staying true to the original stamp with color palette, layout, and overall art design. With a vibrant powerful tiger in place for the original’s Queen Elizebeth II, the attention to detail along with the creativity towards the Chinese New Year is an amazing choice. 

What makes this a compelling project?

The Stamps of Cardano team is one that has established a strong community, with a true passion for stamps. These collectible NFTs contain amazing artwork and collectible features like cancels and mistakes which reflect real-world stamp collecting.  This project is only getting started with even more functionality coming in the near future!

What does the roadmap look like?

Stamps of Cardano is already looking to launch Season 2 on February 10th, 2022 with more details to come in the future. The team is also working hard to bring functionality like a traditional mailing system where you can send postcards to friends. Additional talks of even more functionality and future drops were discussed as well. The team is committed to bringing their vision to life to share stamp collecting with the Cardano Community. Check out their Twitter feed for the most up-to-date details, and check back here soon for the details of Season 2.

Final Thoughts.

I have a bit of a biased view of this project as a stamp and art collector since this hits on multiple avenues of interest. However, from the standpoint of an NFT collector, the Stamps of Cardano have provided excellent collectibles in Season 1. With the Chinese New Year Special Release series, especially in a limited run of just 200, these NFT stamps look to continue this trend of collectibility. With Season 2 right around the corner, many may look past this collection, but with excellent art, low run, and a strong continuing project, this special series looks to be a must-have!

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