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TheSeekerNFT Presents Ms. Mary Jane 2022

A 4/20 Special edition limited run of 132 unique pinups featuring the beautiful “Gigi” from the Jocks & Bullies CNFT project. Celebrate April 20th with your very own limited edition Ms. Mary Jane 2022!

TheSeekerNFT presents Ms. Mary Jane 2022

Send 25 for 1 NFT
Send 50 for 2 NFT
Send 75 for 3 NFT

Only send correct amount to address listed in green below. We will not contact you about direct sales, please be safe & be smart!

Ms. Mary Jane Rarity Chart

As a thank you towards the Jocks and Bullies, TheSeekerNFT has airdropped 31 NFTs to all members, check out some of the examples below!

TheSeekerNFT is a patron artist of Single Point Gallery, a small royalty fee is reserved for Single Point Gallery.
If you are an artist or developer and you are interested in working with Single Point Gallery, please contact us at the email below.
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