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What is Cardano Island?

Located on Virtua Prime, Cardano Island is a metaverse base built for Cardano and its community. Cardano Island forms part of Virtua, a gamified metaverse, where you can play, interact with great brands, build, showcase, meet with friends, and much more.

A look at the Cardano Island Metaverse.

Part videogame, part open-world social media, the landscape for metaverses is getting more and more diverse as the Cardano Blockchain continues to expand and develop. Cardano Island is the latest in new Metaverses entering the Cardano Blockchain that looks to capture the imagination of players, collectors, and developers alike. Part of the Virtua Network, a “Meta-planet” that houses multiple “Meta-Islands”, such as Cardano Island, that will interconnect users to specific “Island-groups” around a virtual system. Rivaling such metaverses as Sandbox and Decentraland, the Virtua Network is looking to build an interoperable Global Metaverse with small entities inside that are cross-chain and indistinguishable between blockchains, creating a user experience beyond that of a single-chain silo of a metaverse. 

While details are still quite unknown, there are a few screenshots and videos to check out what the possibilities can be for Cardano Island. While the design type is simple and cartoon-like; perhaps to keep render and file sizes low, the overall feel of the Metaverse is much like what we have experienced during the 2021 Cardano Summit. While not perfect by any measure, the summit was lightyears ahead of other projects like Pavia, Cornucopias, and other Metaverses arriving.  There will be only 9999 parcels to purchase, with multiple building types that will serve the community in various ways. An owner will have a plot of land, of 6 sizes to choose from, and each land plot will have special attributes that will contribute to metaverse resources. These resources are yet to be disclosed, but one could imagine a certain resource could be “mined/staked” as an NFT or altcoin in such a situation. Additionally, each user can create a Fancave to display their collection. 

Additional information can be seen in the teaser video like vehicles, mini-games, collection displays, meeting places, and more. Check out the video below for even more!

What makes this a compelling project?

Cardano Island is part of the Virtua network that is specifically built for Cardano holders and users. With various projects under their belt like the virtual conference from the Cardano Summit 2021, which was an entirely virtual event that took place on the back of a flying turtle (Check out the video at the bottom of the page for more info on this event), The Virtua team has worked with the founders of Cardano including IOHK. Perhaps what makes this project slightly different than other virtual metaverses on Cardano is the fact that the likes of IOHK are using the Virtua network as their own metaverse use.

While this alone can not guarantee a win for this particular metaverse, access to funds, programmers, and even first-party development could propel Cardano Island past the yet-to-be-built metaverses. While those who participated in the Cardano Summit 2021 NFT Hunt will have Whitelist privileges, it is to remain unseen what the engagement will be for those who are not already on the list.

What does the roadmap look like?

The project looks to be in its “Beta” stage if you want to call the Cardano Summit 2021 their first test. The team behind Virtua has a track record of delivering based on the Summit alone. Whether they can pull off the full Virtua concept is yet to be seen, but the team does look ready to open the parcels for Cardano Island. Additional information about the future of this project is scarce, however, the team is clearly looking to get this project off the ground, and with additional backing from other projects and even IOHK, Cardano Island may be the place where Cardano Ambassadors want to retire.

Final Thoughts.

So what makes this one different than all the rest? Well, we can personally say that we’ve been there! Not many other projects can say this at all, yet the Cardano Summit proved what is possible and that Cardano Island may continue to push the boundaries and even light some fires under other metaverses to get their projects off the ground. We can honestly say that the Cardano Summit 2021 inspired Single Point Gallery to invest in VR rooms as a viable way to communicate effectively. Even our own 12 Days of Giving campaign was inspired by the collective between the Virtua and IOHK teams. As Cardano ambassadors, we will look forward to this drop as more information is revealed.

A look at Cardano Summit 2021 captured by a user.

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