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What is RetroHeads?

RetroHeads is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. RetroHeads’ art is inspired by the 1930s classic cartoon animation style with a flair for character generation. Along with the NFTs, RetroHeads is planning an analytics platform for all holders.

A look at the RetroHeads Artwork.

All RetroHeads NFTs are 100% unique, with over 150 traits that have very unique characteristics that make each NFT feel like a whole new character in a classic cartoon. Many may not love the style and art direction, however, one could argue this aesthetic is a callback to past media that inspired another generation through technological innovation. Many of the characters are in the traditional black and white motif, however, there are a select few that are in full color with bright vibrant colors that keep the 1930s theme. 

What makes this a compelling project?

The artwork is something that is hit or misses, but the team behind RetroHeads also has something to offer besides the artwork. Their main goal for the RetroHeads community is to provide analytics for upcoming projects that can be studied and used to make better decisions on future prospects. The team has specified that RetroHeads holders will receive royalties through monthly snapshots whereas those who are the best collectors will receive higher rewards. Check out the whitepaper for more information on royalties, collection status, and additional information about the data program.

What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap is split into two seasons. Season 1 which is now sold out, ends with a sellout of the first 10,000 nfts, then moves to the beginning of the analytic program development. This is where the team is right now. Season 2 will commence with a time capsule drop to holders as well as continued development on the analytic platform. The roadmap does not contain additional information, however, details can still be found in the white paper.

Final Thoughts.

RetroHeads is a project that has sold out its first season bringing in over 2000 members to their community. While we generally do not write about sold-out projects, the current price on the secondary market is below the official mint price. With a strong project like this, there will surely be some movement when the analytic platform is released. With a large community and the potential to earn rewards, RetroHeads looks to have a strong contention for the project of the year so far!

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