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AdaSenshi Sumo Minting now! Get ready to battle fellow Sumos for a chance for ADA prizes!

AdaSenshi Sumo

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What is AdaSenshi Sumo?

AdaSenshi Sumo is a collection of 1500 NFTs from the AdaSenshi group who also created AdaSenshi Katana and AdaSenshi Ninja. A limited supply of colorful Sumo wrestlers, AdaSenshi Sumo looks to gamify the series with new mechanics added to the developing project.

A look at the AdaSenshi Sumo Artwork.

Calling in memories from the early 1990s and the hit video game Street Fighter 2, I couldn’t help but be transported to the one-thousand hand chop method of E. Honda. If you know what I mean you will see it, if not, don’t fear. The AdaSenshi Sumo project has some incredible artwork that depicts Sumo athletes in the traditional squat pose ready to battle. This collection boasts 17 different traits with an insane amount of attributes for such a low-sized collection. Each NFT is styled with these attributes, however, there are also 41 NFTs that have a rare easter egg. The art may seem simplistic at first, but I would argue it is a mere interpretation of traditional Japanese-style scroll art, just for modern times. The color palette and composition are on par with the direction of the previous collections that may look to integrate at some point.

What makes this a compelling project?

The project has more than just colorful Sumos! Each Sumo is posed in the squat, but if you notice each hand held up is from a certain game, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Each Sumo has at least one hand held up in a pose from one of the three options. This is designed in such a way as to hold weekly battles among the holders for prizes. Each Sumo will battle another through a Rock, Paper, Scissor mechanic to determine the winner. The team plans on distributing 2000ada back to the community through the random Rock, Paper, Scissor draws. Now in their third project, the AdaSenshi team is working hard on providing utility and function to their assets. It will be interesting where they go next.

What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap displayed on their website depicts the past projects Ninjas and Katana. Now in the Sumo phase, the roadmap is near complete, only with a TBA left in the next segment. The team has provided more assets in the past, but with the current state of crypto in general, this may be a wait to see more in terms of future development. 

Final Thoughts.

AdaSenshi Sumo is a fun project that reminded me of the early days of gaming and connected this to the early days of NFTs. While most NFTs are created for speculation and art, the team behind the AdaSenshi Sumo has created fantastic artwork that integrates so well with the narrative that it may be hard to spot at first. This in itself shows clever thought behind the project and something that is unique to me in the space. I look forward to seeing how this plays out and hope for future development.  The arguably high price of 50ada may deter a few potential buyers away, however, a clear view of the utility and the gamification of the NFTs may swing those buyers back into the Sumo arena.

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