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Stamps of Cardano – Season 2

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What is new for Season 2?

Now heading into their second season, Stamps of Cardano has found a wonderful niche on Cardano that combines collectability with artwork through the recreation of real world stamp designs with modern tech. In Season 2, the team behind Stamps of Cardano is now adding more functionality to the project!

A look at the Stamp of Cardano Season 2 Artwork.

Stamps of Cardano continues their wonderful artwork with the vintage look through detailed and careful consideration on the overall presentation. A team of stamp enthusiasts is shown through the absolute stunning designs through the attention to the smaller facets of the project. Now including a postcard mechanism, more on that later, they also chose the proper stamp to accompany this. The team writes, “The early 1900s was the Golden Age of the Postcard. During this period, up to 30 million postcards were sent annually. Two factors drove this: cheap postage and the arrival of the divided back postcard. This period also coincided with King Edward VII’s reign (1902-10). As such, almost every postcard sent would have used one of the 24 definitive stamp series that featured his picture.” The design draws inspiration from those King Edward VII stamps used in the British colonies and used in as much detail for each CNFT depicting Percy Shelly (the influential English poet whom Cardano’s ‘Shelley Era’ is also named after). The team even took into consideration how these stamps were developed, printed, and used before creating their own designs. For instance, the colors represented different colonies, but also contained variations between a single color due to the printing process and varying ink colors. As a fan of stamp collecting as well as collecting various artworks, these stamps continue to blend the line between highart and collectibility.

What makes this a compelling project?

If the artwork and the attention to every detail is not enough to consider this project, how about functionality? The Stamps of Cardano team is creating a postcard system to allow you to use your stamp in the traditional manner. While the early 1900’s was the boom for postcards, 100 years later, this may seem like more of a novelty. However, there is something more going on here. With a limited number of supply, only 500 season 2 stamps, each time you create and send a postcard,  the NFT stamp is used and taken out of rotation. This will create a unique situation where the functionality of the CNFT could impact the collectibility as well. This is not financial advice, but something to consider beyond the face value of just another jpeg. Furthermore, this project has seen a rapid pace of releases with more and more functionality, detailed artwork, and a proper honoring of stamp collectors. Projects like this are far and few, especially in recent times as many projects are abandoned just a few weeks into their roadmap.

For more information on how the Postcard system works, please refer to the graphic below from their website: Stamps of Cardano

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Final Thoughts.

Stamps of Cardano is one of the favorites around Single Point Gallery for a good reason; they continue to innovate and improve with every release. We have covered their first season and Chinese New Year Special Set already on this very blog, but we continue to come back for the great artwork and fast development with functionality. The second Season is no different with the added functionality towards their postcard system and the amazing artwork that embodies the original boom for the postcard era. There is a lot to like about this project and we hope to continue to be writing on more releases in the near future.

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