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What is The FunGuys CNFT?

The FunGuys NFT was created to be a fun and humorous project created on the Cardano Blockchain. The first series consists of just 2050 Funguys, each unique through multiple sets releasing mid-February. With an entertaining and cute look, these NFTs look to cheer up the CNFT marketplace. Let’s take a deeper look.

A look at The FunGuys Artwork.

Most NFTs have a unique and distinct look and The FunGuys are no exception. With 7 varieties of mushrooms, each with their own name and small biography, the team behind the project is having fun with the overall concept. Continuing with the concept, the team has decided to give personalities to each version of the mushrooms that are exhibited through the tops of the mushroom art. With a large variety of mushrooms and attributes for each NFT, these look to have a set rarity to them. Exact percentages of the rarity of each item will be completed by the development team closer to the listing dates for the secondary marketplaces. 

What makes this a compelling project?

Though the project is purely focused on providing fun and eclectic artwork, the team behind the project is looking to grow the community organically and provide future seasons as the project continues to develop. With strong artwork and a good size community on discord, the project could reach its goal for a second season by the time the first mint rolls out. A team dedicated to mushrooms, those who may be interested in fungi might want to check out the FunGuys. 

Who are the team members?

Created by a team of crypto, Cardano, and NFT enthusiasts, The team consists of Kris (Operations), Gina (Artwork), and Hans 9Technical), hopes that this project connects with NFT enthusiasts as well as fungi fans!  With a massive passion for mushrooms and all enthusiasts of Cardano, the team looks to bring their fungi expertise to the blockchain.

Final Thoughts.

Minting on February 15th, The FunGuys certainly have a fun project throughout their minting process. The team plans on donating 10% of the proceeds to the Amazon Conservation Association as well as giving back to their community through raffles and special airdrops. There are 1 of 1 NFTs for each character dressed like a superhero, which allows you to claim one of their 100 ADA prizes. The team looks in no rush to supply lofty goals that may or may not come to fruition, but rather concentrate on a fun and limited release of FunGuys!

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