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From the Forge CNFT November 17

What is Reforestnation?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Every so often an NFT project comes around that pushes the Crypto space further into real-world utility, Reforestnation is one of those projects. Reforestnation’s project is a culmination of passive income ideas through forestry, CO2 credits, and preservation. Admittedly there is little information around this project on the website, but their discord has much more information regarding the methods and operations behind the scenes for this project. However, there is a good cause behind this project where holders can earn based on ecological factors such as hemp farming, CO2 sequester, and a way to offset your carbon footprint. Currently, in pre-sale, there are numerous plots to obtain such as hemp fields, forestry plots, and seedling plots. Al the returns are paid in the Reforestnation token called $REFO with expected annual returns of 10-17%. Check out their site for more information as the presale is going on now, with future sales in the very near future.

What is Tarot Cardano?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

For centuries, Tarot Cards have endured the changing of times, cultures, and technologies to retain their esoteric themes through the ages. This is still true today with Tarot Cardano bringing their idea of Tarot Cards to the Cardano ecosystem. Focusing on Jeremy Ennis’ work with Star Wars Tarot Cards, these replications depict famous scenes and characters from the franchise that fits with the traditional themes of the Tarot. With different traits and rarity items, the collectibility of each card is something worth noting as there will only be 100 made for each card, totaling altogether a run of 7800 NFTs. For those into Tarot card readings, the developers of this project have also mentioned doing live tarot readings on their discord. Check out their website and discord for more information.

What is GetCat?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

GetCat is a true hand-drawn project done in an old-fashioned way with pencils and paper. Each GetCat is unique in the 8,888 variations with multiple attributes. What sets this project apart from other profile picture projects is the aesthetic in the art itself, which reminds us of the drawings we used to do in the margins of our homework many years ago. Future plans according to the roadmap, include future airdrops, special perks for holders, and additional real-world collectible artwork. This may be one of the few projects that are linking the digital to real-life artwork. Check out their work on the website and talk to the community members on the discord.

What is The Attack on Vitalik?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Comic books and NFTs seem like a natural match and have received a lot of attention from collectors lately. With many comic books launching in recent months, The Attack on Vitalik looks to position itself as the blockchain comic book containing characters based on real-world people from blockchain developers, to long-past scientists and inventors. Now in its second issue, The Attack on Vitalik is an ongoing series that boasts some of the coolest artwork seen in NFT comics. From their website, you can get a glimpse of the artwork as well as an introduction to their characters. With a limited run of just 2,000, with more than half already minted, the number of comics is just right to be a future collectible. Through 10 different rarities and fantastic artwork, The Attack on Vitalik is a great collector’s item as well as a great read! Check out their website for minting information and to catch up on the emerging story. 

What is Cardano Race?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

A collectible digital race art project, Cardano Race looks to bring the fast action of auto racing to the ecosystem. Ranging from basic cars to high-end hypercars, Cardano Race looks to bring car culture and racing in a future game. Although this 10,000 NFT collection is just the artwork right now, future plans to gamify the project with loot boxes, crafting, and of course racing are all on the roadmap dating out to 2022. Bringing such mechanics as car upgrades to improve your odds at winning races can be seen through the rarity of parts included with each NFT car. Racers will be able to use $NITRO tokens to participate in races, rent other vehicles to race, and improve their NFTs through part upgrades. A promising project looking to race your way soon. Check out the website for minting information and additional states for each car.

***The views and opinions expressed by the author, or any people mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading crypto assets comes with a risk of financial loss. Buyers should always complete their own due diligence and decide on their own merits***

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