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Wizard Treasure Collective Review

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What is Wizard Treasure Collective?

The Wizard Treasure Collective is a project inspired by other DAO projects that offer group collections through membership with the intent of investment. The Wizard Collective will provide holders with exposure to exclusive NFT drops, periodically claimable NFTs, and a community that will deliver much more future utility.

A look at the Wizard Treasure Collective Artwork.

Wizards are cool, they have magic powers, tend to be very knowledgeable, and can also be very powerful. Throughout fictional history in many types of lore, wizards have garnered a reputation for being wise and powerful. Wizard Treasure Collective looks to bring these attributes to NFTs offering a variety of options to show off your wizard. With so many options of hats, staffs, skins, cloaks, and more, the possibilities for a unique wizard is high. From the few examples shown on the website and discord, the wizard variability is high enough that no two wizards will look the same, giving a sense of identity within the club.

What makes this a compelling project?

Wizard Treasure Collective is a DAO that purchases and fractionalizes NFTs from the latest exclusive drops, then these fractions are then distributed to members in the form of Orbs. The Orb tokens represent fractions of the NFTs held in each vault. There are multiple Vaults each representing a different strategy, and each represented by a different colored orb. Each Wizard NFT can only be staked in one Vault at a time where each Wizard NFT earns 10 Orbs per day from staking. This is the core mechanic behind this NFT, however, there is a lot more than the Wizard Treasure Collective is providing as well.

The Wizard Treasure Collective will be using a portion of the mint funds to buy up the floor of our collaboration partners’ projects. This vault will be held by the DAO and Wizards can be staked against this Vault to receive special Orbs. Wizards can use Orbs to summon rare items with their own utility from the Void. These items exist in the digital and physical realm. Continuing to build out this project, the Wizard Treasure Collective is also creating a Wizard’s Castle, to be built in The Sandbox. The castle will be used to display all the DAO’s treasures and will be used to host events, from special drop parties to AMAs.

What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap is detailed and can be found on their website and Discord with further information. The Wizard Treasure Collective will be rolling out features as more Wizard NFTs are collected, opening up new vaults for NFTs as well as the potential purchase of land within The Sandbox. The roadmap is not necessarily based on a time scale, but rather one based on funds from the mint sales. Please check out Discord for up-to-date information regarding the future of the Wizard Treasure Collective.

Who are the team members?

The Team members are as described below from their website:

Syntribos – Syntribos has over 10 years of experience in financial markets including early-stage funding. Syntribos made his first foray into Crypto in 2013 investing in BTC. Syntribos has been heavily involved in the NFT space since February and was an early investor in several blue-chip collections including BAYC and Cool Cats.

LootWiz – A growth marketer by trade with over 10 years of experience in startups. LootWiz is an early Crypto Investor turned NFT junky who now looks to pair his love for NFTs with extensive branding and content marketing experience.

ZiggiD – ZiggiD has been coding since before he had a pen license, mostly working professionally in the web and mobile app space, he loves coding up new projects. With over four years of experience in Ethereum smart contract development, NFTs offer a creative outlet to this desire.

Sleapy – Sleapy has an extensive business and marketing background, working with clients on large-scale projects to ensure successful delivery. She has been a popular community manager on multiple successful NFT projects. Sleapy works hard to create a space more inclusive of women in crypto.

Signline – Signline has over 18 years of experience in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Branding. He began his journey into the NFT world in April and has been hooked ever since. Signline has held key community manager roles on several projects in the NFT and crypto space.

Fry – Fry is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for crypto and NFT’s. He spent 4 years in the army which adds significant value to his community management skills. Fry has been an asset on various successful NFT projects.

Final Thoughts.

The Wizard Treasure Collective looks to position itself in the realm of a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to gain blue-chip NFTs as well as smaller projects in order to reap maximum gains. Although the Wizard Treasure Collective has not determined which projects will be staked from the beginning, however, through a strong team and proper community guidance, the Wizard Treasure Collective may have a strong appeal to many. While the artwork is some of the better I have seen, it is not transcending within the industry, but enough to intrigue us. Time will tell if the Wizard Treasure Collective will become a successful project as more and more projects delve into the DAO space. Wizard Treasure Collective will be minting on December 10th with the public sale starting at .065 ETH.

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