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5 CNFTs on the Radar

What is Confused Pirate Society?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

ARRRRRR, the pirates are invading the Cardano Blockchain on December 2. A limited-edition collection of just 200 pieces, Confused Pirates Society looks to invade your wallet as well with famous pirates past. A fun look at historical pirates including Calico Jack Rackham, Frances Drake, and the infamous Blackbeard, these pirates all have their stories of the seas that are told in each unique character. This limited edition is the precursor for the main drop of 8,888 that will be coming in the following weeks. Grab your pirate on December 3rd you salty old seadog!

What is Cult of Pigeon?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Sometimes there is a piece of artwork that captures our imagination and we keep coming back to view it over and over again; Cult of Pigeons has this effect on us as well. The overall artwork is polished with bright colors, strong textures, and a look that screams originality through the various traits that make up over 150 unique attributes. These pigeons also have an entertaining story on their website that accounts for the 10,000 pigeons and the beginnings of the cult. Cult of Pigeon is also having a giveaway of a one-of-one Spidey Pigeon once all the NFTs have sold. Coming out December 3rd, check out their website and discord for more information.


Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Robot on robot battles has always been in a social construct in sci-fi and in real life. Well, now there is a way to combine the two on the Cardano Blockchain! ROBOROBO is looking to bring robotic combat in the form of their NFTs and text-based battle games. Setting to launch on December 3rd, ROBOROBO will have an initial 2,500 in series 1 with 100,000,000 $Robo tokens that are used within the game. Players can collect and battle their bots using the tokens as collateral in their battles. Earn, win, and beat the competition in the text-based game that connects to the Nami wallet. Additional series’ will be dropping in future dates, which will include collectible power-ups and upgrades to aid in combat, as well as additional Robos. Check out the whitepaper on the website and their discord for more information. 

What is PaperBoxEra?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

In a universe far away, but not so far away, Planet X was exposed to extreme radiation that awakened the sinister side. PaperBox Corporation created 5,000 unique high-tech paper boxes to protect their precious heads. Hence, the beginning of the PaperBoxEra… A unique NFT art collection that boasts some colorful characters and a lot of baggage. More than just some artwork, PaperBoxEra is a community that looks to bolster its positions through staking, community pools, and community voting on how funds would be used. Future plans for this project also include a season 2 drop that may roll into a game further into the deep roadmap.

What is Universe.25?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

An intriguing concept through a well-designed project, Universe.25 looks to take our obsession with mobile media and study us for further projects. A look at how humans have messed up the world, Universe.25 looks to bring us on several journeys through multiple drops along the way. Universe.25 first stop is set to release on December 5th with 2500 humans as part of the initial pre-sale and an additional 7,501 to be dropped for public consumption. More information can be found on their website and discord as the community is rolling strong and looking forward to more exposure as the project continues releasing more information. 

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