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What is Chessano?

Chessano is about Cardano, Art, Chess with a lot of passion that integrates all these worlds in a single project. By collecting Chessano NFTs, you will be able to play chess within the community. It’s like battle chess but in the crypto age.

A look at the Chessano Artwork.

Inspired by the traditional chess pieces, each Chessano piece is hand-drawn with love and attention to detail to add a new spin on the traditional iconic game created by artist AWA. Unique pieces for each side, the collections are divided into two parts White and Black. Each with their own take on the traditional chess pieces, even some with Cardano influences. Other pieces receive an ultra-rare designation as these pieces are the rarest of the batch. Simple, yet tasteful art, Chessano looks to add a visual flair to a typically mono-tone chessboard. Each piece has a run of just 50!

What makes this a compelling project?

The creators of Chessano have a passion & love for the project as it’s also a family project. Sharing their passion for playing chess together it was only natural to bring chess to NFTs. Through this ecosystem, it provides a great opportunity to play with your “own” figures, on a customized chessboard.  The Customized chessboard is a community public board that has each space up for “Land” sale, where you could purchase a square on the board as your own!

This opened completely new possibilities for future development, but also empowered every chess figure, which has special points that will be needed for the upcoming “battle mode”.  In addition to the artwork, and custom boards, Chessano holds community chess games on their discord, further engaging their holders and the pieces in their wallets. 

What does the roadmap look like?

Currently, in their third month, the roadmap is on schedule so far. Each milestone on the roadmap is clearly stated on their website with future plans still in the works. Plans for the end of 2021, the team is focusing on releasing their chess pieces as well as engaging in the community to drive excitement and host the Discord chess games. Future plans into 2022 will include the launch of the Chessano Online game that will allow you to connect your own pieces to the board and play with other Chessano members. More information will be disclosed as time rolls on, but the team is focused on providing a strong chess experience through this project.

Who are the team members?

A small team, Chessano is led by three individuals who bring their own unique talents to the project. Art is handled by AWA, while administration and development are done by Markus and Joe. Each member can be found on their Discord from time to time and are willing to talk more about the project. Find them in their Discord or on Twitter!

Final Thoughts.

A team that looks to pair their passion for the game of Chess and the crypto world, Chessano has a unique take beyond that of a p4p. Each piece has character, while also being able to functionally play within an online game. As for right now, the project is having a slow start, but as more and more chess fans pick up this project, there will be an influx of new players. Still, in its infancy, the committed team looks to bring chess to the Cardano Community!

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