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What is BlockOwls?

BlockOwls is a story-driven, 3D animated NFT adventure on the Cardano blockchain! Each Blockowl is a hand-crafted 3D asset that exhibits personality and technical wonder paired with a highly detailed animation that looks to extend their offers further. 

A look at the BlockOwls Artwork.

There will be 52 different BlockOwl designs including some of the most creative designs we have seen in a while. Designed by a veteran 3D artist of 15 years, Kent has created a distinct look with a hyper-detailed look and animation. Each owl will be minted with a rarity aspect that includes box types, glass types, and more. Some BlockOwls are minted in low quantity, and some more common traits are in larger groups where  BlockOwls with unique display boxes and characteristics are often the rarest ones. There are seven rarity levels: Common (128), Uncommon (84), Rare (58), Very Rare (36), Epic (21), Legendary (8), and Mythic (1). These different Blockowls contain unique animations beyond the typical “showcase” spin with disturbing glitches and unstable owl movements. We highly suggest looking at each Blockowl in detail over on their website to get an idea of each character.

What makes this a compelling project?

BlockOwls as a project is a story-based NFT adventure on the Cardano blockchain. The main goal is to make a playful and vivid fictional world and various characters with colorful appearances and personalities that we can share with each other. The BlockOwls are the first and main characters in this story. There is a teaser video on their homepage displaying Kent’s (Artist) abilities in the 3D space, with a highly polished short film setting up the storyline for BlockOwls. It is yet unknown how far this project will push the animation, but based on the work being implemented with the level of professionalism, this project could potentially see a short film around this. The further value may be from the future drops included in the roadmap that may also be included in future milestones.

What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap is a bit vague and bares at the moment, but this is for a good reason. Kent is a one-man operation and wants to deliver a promising first drop with the proceeds going towards future development. An endearing effort to be transparent and avoid over-hype, BlockOwls is a project that is artistic with a special design that sparks the imagination. Those looking beyond the art may be wanting more, but check out the level of details Kent has put into this project and you may feel a bit different.

Who are the team members?

Kent is the sole artist and creator of BlockOwls with over 15 years of experience as a professional Motion Designer, and currently running a successful animation studio. Kent’s vision is simply to provide a strong creative presence on the Cardano Blockchain with the intent to draw more and more people to the ecosystem.

Final Thoughts.

BlockOwls is one of those projects that we stumble on and can not let it out of our minds. We enjoyed the fantastic animations with strong art direction and the attention to detail within the storyline. Each character is aesthetically strong enough to stand on its own, but as a collection, this project has nearly the best visuals in the ecosystem! A straightforward approach to the drop without over-promising is refreshing on its own with the hype generated within our own minds through the strong visuals. BlockOwls will be minting on December 1st going for 42 ADA!

***The views and opinions expressed by the author, or any people mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading crypto assets comes with a risk of financial loss. Buyers should always complete their own due diligence and decide on their own merits***

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