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Mushroom Madness

Mushroom mania

When researching new CNFT projects over the last few days, I came across odd phenomena where three NFT projects launched within a few days of each other that had the same theme, Mushrooms! While it is unclear why these projects decided to drop all around the same time, the uniqueness is as varied as the fungus that inspired them. Although the themes are similar, each NFT project has its own signature look with different approaches. Let’s take a look at each of these to see if they are boring or just fungi!

How much room do you need to grow fungus?

As mushroom as possible.

What is ADA Shrooms?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

ADA Shrooms is a 10,000 collection that has over 120 attributes that creates a perfectly unique mushroom that has personality. The colorful cartoon-like art takes a page out of popular culture through images reminiscent of Super Mario lore, though with a psychedelic twist! Each mushroom has a character that could be interpreted with a unique story behind it. This lends to the creativity behind the team and their ambitious project over the next three phases of development. Currently, in phase 1, ADA Shrooms is now minting on their website for just 27 ADA with the possibility to pull one of ten special ADA Shrooms that would win the lucky owner 1000 ADA! While phase 1 is clearly to get development started, phases 2 and 3 are much more impactful for a project. During phase 2, the team plans to roll out new designs that can morph the phase 1 NFT to make hallucinogenic art on “Community Trip Day”. Phase 3, would include a possible face-melting experience through an augmented “trip” utilizing VR or smartphone cameras to further enhance the experience. These lofty goals aside, the project has fun art that could reach those who take a lichen to it!

What is SpaceShroomz?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Those who have a passion for mushrooms will find SpaceShroomz appealing through their variety of real-world specimens that inhibit a little flare. There are 20 types of mushrooms with additional attributes like unique backgrounds and additional color options. Each NFT has that look of the psychedelic blacklight posters that project a hallucinogenic image as these would look great either back-lit or in neon ink. There is a lot to collect with this set with a small first drop of 420 Mushrooms to be released. For more information or to contact the developers, check out these Fungi(s) on their Discord as their website is a bit lacking. These are currently minting from their Discord server for 25 ADA each.

What is Magic Mushrooms CNFT?

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

The last Mushroom themed NFT to check out is from the graffiti artist known as Sponk. Magic Mushrooms CNFT has a much different approach to the typical Mushroom art, electing to anthropomorphize the mushroom with qualities like arms, eyes, mouths, and even hair. This large set contains up to 13 attributes with an immense variety between each attribute creating truly distinct and unique mushrooms. Sponk’s designs carry the traditional graffiti style into this NFT collection making these some of the most artistic pieces of the bunch shown today. Through solid artwork and variety, this collection would be great for collectors, graffiti heads, and anyone generally interested in this style. With little more known about the project, Magic Mushrooms CNFT has that strong art to back up a good p4p or art piece. Check out their Discord for more information and to connect with the community.

What did the algae say to the fungus about their symbiotic relationship?

I’m lichen it

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