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Bullz vs Bearz CNFT Review

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What is Bullz vs Bears?

A generative art collection, BULLZ vs BEARZ is a CNFT project which depicts the rivalry that has existed throughout the time between bulls and bears in financial markets. The set is divided into two parts of 5,000 images each consisting of Bulls and Bears with various weapons and attributes to take each other on.

A look at the Bullz vs Bears Artwork.

Since this set is divided between Bullz and Bearz, there are two distinct factions that have unique visual attributes that depict an inevitable clash between forces. The artists have made a wise decision to have each faction character facing one way or the other, always putting the Bullz on the left and the Bearz on the right giving a consistent feel to the overall fight. The visuals are reminiscent of classic Hanna Barabara cartoons evoking childhood memories through strong outlines and solid colors with the intent on directional motion towards their opponent. 

The overall set consists of 5 unique battle platforms, 10 unique backgrounds, multiple body positions with 10+ unique colors. Each character also will contain some of the 24 unique attributes that can be in the form of weapons, hats, necklaces, etc.

What makes this a compelling project?

Bullz vs Bearz, exclusively on the Cardano Blockchain, is a community-driven art collection that looks to involve participants from all areas. A unique aspect is the 18, 1 of 1 collaboration, with other cherished CNFT artists will be included in the 10k drop, representing the rarest CNFTs in the BULLZ vs BEARZ collection. Each of the 18 collaborations has completely different looks and will stand apart from the others in the collection making this a super rare find for those interested in unique pieces. 

Another compelling aspect is the community of Bullz vs Bearz that is actively divided and at odds with each other, into the factions of BULLZ and BEARZ. When joining this discord community,  you need to decide which team you are on and are given a role as “Team BULLZ” or “Team BEARZ”. The community can then join “Clanz” represented as “Bull Pens” and “Bear Dens” where they compete in different challenges to win prizes.

What does the roadmap look like?

The initial release of 2500 Bullz vs Bearz will drop on November 18th with each additional drop coming in the weeks that follow. Each additional drop will see an increase in minting price creating a sense of urgency to each following release. Beyond this, the roadmap is yet to be determined, however upon speaking to the developer and artist, there are plans for future releases through funding from the first release. For more information on upcoming events, check out the Discord server for the most up-to-date information post drop.

Who are the team members?

Although not fully doxxed, the team behind Bullz vs Bearz has been open and forthright with their information, the team is as follows, BULLZ vs BEARZ: Head Artist, provided the hand-drawn artwork for each character as well as the attributes. Head BULL: Responsible for marketing and community building through Twitter and discord. Head BEAR: Website designer and marketing material designer. 

Final Thoughts.

Bullz vs Bearz is a compelling project that has the community behind the concept. Though the initial thoughts of game design have entered our imagination, as of writing there are no plans beyond the community Clanz competitions. Although, this is not to say there never will be. Talking to Bullz vs Bearz, they wanted to be upfront and not promise anything they could not deliver, however, with initial funds and with a strong community, they do intend to reinvest into the project for future development. Furthermore, the 18 collaboration pieces will hopefully bring in new fans to the project that will help keep the community strong and vibrant. Bullz vs Bearz has a strong concept, with a team dedicated to the community by providing a strong incentive to join the project through their Discord Clanz and through upfront development that has already been created to ensure a smooth delivery. 

Bullz vs Bearz will be launching on November 18th for the first initial release, selling for just 25 ADA. Each additional release will see a small price increase of 10 ADA for each subsequent round, ending at 55 ADA for the final release. The team has been patient and willing to work within the community, check out the project and the community over on Discord for more information. 

***Single Point Gallery does not give out financial advice nor are we affiliated with any project unless specified, we are merely an informational and entertainment entity. Buyers should always complete their own due diligence and decide on their own merits***

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