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From the Forge CNFT November 17


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Set in the far future of 3021, after the fall of man, Vegetables and Junk food have risen to prominence and now battle for survival. This 10,000 CNFT collection of hand-drawn generative art looks to capture the attention of collectors with a variety of artwork, community-driven development, and through future drops. Veggiemates will be accompanied by a second release bringing the story together with the Junkies, the Veggiemate counterparts, and enemies. With a strong community and interesting art, this project may be a strong contender to become a solid pick for future development.

Cardano Donuts

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Have you ever wondered what an entire city would be like if everyone were a Donut? No? Neither have I. But the fun people that have created Cardano Donuts have spent a considerable time thinking about this and it shows through the colorful project. Cardano Donuts is an ambitious community-driven game that aims to create a city-like area that allows other Donut members to vote, play2Earn, and meet other Cardano Donut holders. This revolutionary chat platform is aiming to become a social club with the Donut-cracy of a small city. A tough delivery, one that I hope the developers can create as these spaces are becoming ever more popular.

Music Box

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A unique concept that I have yet seen in the CNFT space. Created out of the months of pandemic isolation, Music Box looks to inspire us through generative music contained in a box bathed in light and sound. Each box from the set includes algorithmic chosen melodies through randomness, but with complete compositions. Each box contains a composition of hand-crafted samples from a collection of sounds recorded through industry-standard chains. I would highly suggest checking out their custom-made boxes as well. This project has a large set size of 33,333 NFTs, the varieties are immense, and not many boxes will sound remotely the same. 

Infinite Halo

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From a simple circle, a halo is generated through an algorithm adjusting multiple components such as the core, shimmer, and sparks, leaving behind a woven brightly colored Infinite Halo. 10,000 unique Infinite Halos will be created but with the intent to fuse two Halos together making a unique version that can only be used once. The fusion event will take place on January 15, 2022, and will need two Essence Halos to create a Fusion Halo. Each Essence Halo can be used only once, but the owner can keep the NFT in their wallet.

Cardano Punk

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Pixel art, you either love it or hate it, but one thing is for sure, they are still being made and used today. Cardano Punk looks to elevate this art style through a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated characters containing over 300+ attributes and traits. Each Cardano Punk embodies a reference to pop culture including the infamous Cryptopunks. Beyond the artwork, there are also plans for a game mechanic that will be announced in a short while. This project is slow to start, but with some additional content to be released, there may be more to this than just pixels.

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