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SharkSquad CNFT Review

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What is SharkSquadCNFT?

An NFT collection driven by the Cardano blockchain, SharkSquadCNFT offers unique artwork with a community focus, along with a charity aspect towards marine protection. They are pledging 4,500 ADA to their holders and another 4,500 ADA to an oceanic non-profit.

A look at the SharkSquadCNFT Artwork.

The SharkSquadCNFT project boasts some colorful artwork that embodies the apex predator of our oceans in the first set that will include the Great White Shark! Sharp teeth, a muscular frame, and the bling to match this majestic killing machine of an animal, the variety of Great Whites spans a spectrum of traditional colors, psychedelic skins, with lots of shiny metal and jewels. The artwork embraces an airbrushed look for the backgrounds with a strong vector style of each shark. With details such as the glare from the jewelry and metallic skins, the impression of light is well done. These sharks stand out from the typical portrait style we see in today’s p4p NFTs, with a full-body shark and colorful backgrounds keeping the art simple and clean.

What makes this a compelling project?

The SharkSquadCNFT project is taking a calculated approach to their project with smaller releases over a set period of time. The first set, releasing on November 20th, 2021, will be 2,500 NFTs of the first shark, The Great White now named Logan. There will be a total of 8 sets of 2,500 NFTs each that will consist of 4 Shark and 4 Whale sets to add to the squad. SharkSquadCNFT intends on creating a comic book that will use each character that will be voted on by the community on which shark fits the character best from the NFT set. With further integration with the community, Also a pledge of  9,000 ADA in returns to the community and to a non-profit oceanic rescue project upon sell-out. The returns to the community will consist of giveaways, contests, votes, and through the Whale Tails prize, where a lucky winner can get airdrops of ADA and future CNFT projects, such as the upcoming Notorious Whales! One additional note is the recent auction that the SharkSquadCNFT held on their Discord that reached a noteworthy 230 ADA, receiving numerous bids over the hour-long auction. This interest brought in new eyes to the community with a rare shark up for grabs. The team behind SharkSquadNFT is truly looking to create a long-term project.

SharkSquadCNFT, Logan#1052 auctioned off on Saturday, November 13th going for 230 ADA

What does the roadmap look like?

A clear and full roadmap is visible on their site that expands out to Q4 of 2022. With a clear plan set, SharkSquadCNFT has a robust roadmap with future releases, a comic book, giveaways, a potential game, and community interaction. The addition of the newer sets has not disclosed the exact look of the NFT, however, silhouette sharks may indicate which future predator may be featured on the next set. The roadmap also includes Notorious Whales that may be an additional drop with inclusion into the comic book. Information on the Notorious Whales is yet to be released. As more information is disclosed, the team behind SharkSquadCNFT will update their roadmap on their website and discord server. 

Who are the team members?

Inspired by the Cardano community, the founder of SharkSquadCNFT, known as Sir Great White, is creating their first CNFT along with fellow Cardano Community members. Other members include Mako Shark, Co-founder and community social leader; Alpha Bull, Co-Founder, and Merchandising; and Thresher, Co-Founder, and Digital Logistics. This group is very active and willing to communicate from within their Discord server as well as through Twitter. More information can be found on their website.

Final Thoughts.

SharkSquadCNFT has the makings of being a solid NFT with sharp artwork, a clear roadmap, and a good community of people that will ensure that the project stays on track. Reminding us of an old 90s cartoon called Street Sharks, this project has given me that feeling of being a kid once again, bringing back fond memories with excitement! Not to mention the addition of the Whale Tales to give back to the community, this project has a lot going for it. Without a doubt, sharks are the most respected predator in the ocean, and SharkSquadCNFT has gained this very respect within the vast oceans of the Cardano ecosystem that is set to launch on November 20th, 2021

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