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Do you want to be rich, own a fleet of Lambos, and ten luxury houses? Well, then Hosky is not the way to do this. The first self-proclaimed shit-coin on the Cardano ecosystem is looking to boost the community’s meme status to the moon like the other doggy cryptos in Doge and Shiba Inu. 

The Cardano ecosystem and the community around this ecosystem have some of the best and brightest minds in all of crypto. However, there was a lack of low-quality shit-coins in the ecosystem creating a gaping hole that Hosky looks to fill, bringing absolutely nothing other than low-quality memes. With no financial value, no promises on gains, and absolutely no “mind-beagle-ing” technology, Hosky is only here to meme.

Digging through the whitepaper, or in this case the Doggie Doo Doo (Brown Paw-per), there are numerous dog puns that go beyond your typical meme to the point where it could be considered, dog-matic. Clearly stating the full purpose of this shit-coin’s existence to make #memellionaires out of every participant, there is no sign of technical data, nor any purpose beyond the meme culture. But if you have to know the tokenomics, there is a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 where 50% of all tokens was sent to the Big Hosky (The Master), while the other 50% is divided between the Founders, Meme Acquisition, Stake Pools, and the “Doggie Bowl”. There are constant updates to this project, please refer to the website and discord server for the most up-to-date information.

One of the hundreds of Hosky Memes from discord

While the token is just a meme, the fanfare behind this is anything but a meme. At the time of writing, 38,000+ queries were stuck in the queue from the extremely high demand lending people to FOMO into this project shutting down the “Dog Bowl”. Like a dog chasing its own tail, round and round, the discord server bounces between those who are trying to purchase and those posting some silly meme adding to the overall experience, which is exactly what this token is all about the experience.

While many struggles to get in on this project due to the immense amount of queries, the idea behind the “Dog Bowl” is to send just 2 ADA and in return, you will receive between 10 million to 1 Billion Hosky based on chance. While many have become Hosky millionaires, only a small percentage can claim the elusive 1% chance of becoming a Hosky billionaire! Although the token has no real-world value the appearance of wealth is apparent. Memes of Lambos, rugs, and other dog-related content continue to be prevalent on the server to engage those interested in the meme token. But this may not all be a joke and memes, as rumors of a rather large transaction of 1 billion Hosky for a coveted SpaceBudz were posted. Although this may just be for show as one could simply move one asset for another between wallets, this is yet to be proven as a form of currency.

Hosky has the makings of being the next big thing on the Cardano ecosystem quickly gaining favor in the community as a joke but constantly showing up in news feeds. Just like the other meme coins before it, the jokes rolled in, jumped up, and eventually extended a paw to become a worthwhile investment. With the community voting on SPO with a large following, where will this token end up? Is this going to Pluto or the great big meme farm in the sky? 

For one, the experience right now is as fun as you would get anywhere else for the price! The discord servers, twitter spaces, and other crypto forums are being inundated with Hosky memes adding to the fun as this rabid dog continues to reach new places. One should be careful getting caught up in a meme coin as they clearly state this is a joke and is not a good investment, but there will always be those who FOMO without doing their due diligence. For anyone looking at Hosky as an investment, please read the Brown Paw-per and choose for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Meme coins have become a major part of the crypto lore as DogeCoin and now even the competitor Shiba Inu has transcended the line between joke and investment. Although this meme coin is clearly stated as such, the fun to be had for those on the inside of cryptocurrencies is something that you cannot get anywhere else. Twitter spaces have been overrun with offers for NFTs with millions if not billions of Hosky on the table creating a frenzy of laughs, jokes, and a smudge of seriousness among friends. But like anything else in the crypto sphere, it only takes hype to create a tsunami of newcomers to a project with the wrong intentions. Though this project is straightforward, the rumors, hype, and FOMO talk is reaching beyond those just in Cardano and spilling over to other forums and ecosystems. This may be a good thing as more people in the excellent Cardano ecosystem are welcomed, but there may be those who do not understand the concepts and leave with a bitter taste. All we will say is be careful, research your projects, and do not spend anything more than you are willing to lose, even if will make you a memellionaire. 

***Single Point Gallery does not give out financial advice nor are we affiliated with any project unless specified, we are merely an informational and entertainment entity. Buyers should always complete their own due diligence and decide on their own merits***

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