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5 CNFTs on our Radar

Cardano NFTs on the radar

ADA Clouds

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Cute, adorable, shiny, or just plain stoned… which one will you get? 5555 of these 3D rendered clouds will have a unique look with randomized attributes which include backgrounds, hats, accessories, and a whole lot more. Led by Sam Shulman, ADA Clouds has a decent size community on discord and Twitter with an element of charity within the community as well with portions of the sale going to good causes. Ada Clouds is set to release on November 12th at 10:00 pm UTC with a price of 40ADA.

Ugly Bros

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

A project that has gained so much attention in the last few days, Ugly Bros is a project that is going to be very popular. With several thousand members in the Discord community and only 1,000 CNFTS, this project is sure to be a hot one. Each image is illustrated and is not generative. There will also be 20 fully animated with sound, ultra-rare pieces. The chances of getting this one are slim, but there is still a chance. Ugly Bros is set to launch on November 15th for 40 ADA each.

Grumpy Bunny

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

A highly anticipated project, Grumpy Bunny is a fun take on our community through the series’ two themes that are taking inspiration from what the community has said. What did they say? Well, we’re not actually sure, this will be left to this little bunny to tell us. The little guy is fluffy and cute, but is self-described as grumpy AF with an attitude and flair that grabs your attention as each drawing is detailed and light-hearted, but with an edge. This series will drop on Discord on November 14th at 11:00 AM UTC.

Jamison Daniel

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Spotify

With all the p4p and new games coming to the NFT space, it is nice to see different mediums reach the space and community. Jamison Daniel is adding his artistry and musical talents to the Cardano space through his newest album “Studio Life”, on November 13th at 7:00 pm UTC. Jamison Daniel is set to get the community dancing through his electronic beats with a promise to bring a tidal wave of more music to come!

The Stars of Creation

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Coming across my desk only recently, The Stars of Creation is a fun project that leverages computer generative artwork to create nebulae in all different forms. We have seen the artwork for specific planets, even solar systems, but here is your chance to own an entire galaxy in its infancy. It likes baby pictures for space nerds! Releasing in multiple series, called light years Light Year 1 is Dropping on November 13th with a limited run for just 15 ADA each.

***Single Point Gallery does not give out financial advice nor are we affiliated with any project unless specified, we are merely an informational and entertainment entity. Buyers should always complete their own due diligence and decide on their own merits***

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