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Lucid Dream Review

Lucid Dream CNFT project review

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What is Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dream is an NFT Project built around Mental Health awareness, more specifically digital addictions. Two series will be created exposing more awareness around our digital lives and the impacts on our mental health. The two series to be released are Addicted and in the near future, Tamed. As a collectible set, Lucid Dream presents clean art with a powerful message in a limited run.

A look at the Lucid Dream Artwork.

The artwork in the first set, known as “The Snorting Kid”, hits you just in a way that has disgust, but also awakens an inward reflection on our own ties with technology. Undoubtedly, technology has gained significant advances in our everyday lives with continuous improvements that integrate more fluently with our own biological necessities, but with some side effects. Technology has become the center point for many as their addictions grow with every like, follow, or new dialog opened with another user. Lucid Dream encapsulates this very feeling in their first release of the project with “The Snorting Kid” desperately trying to get his fix even to go as low as snorting from the floor. As with many people that struggle with addiction, they may not know how deeply involved their addiction can be, but hopefully, the striking artwork from Lucid Dream can evoke that inward reflection. No other artwork has been released, but from the looks of the first set, this project may have some of the most intriguing artists in the CNFT space.

What makes this a compelling project?

Focusing on their intent, Lucid Dream is approaching this project with their message first, and the nuances of an NFT market second. The team has announced that a rarity chart will not be released, allowing the art and the message to stand on their own. Though the collectibility may be difficult to quantify, there will only be 1000 mints per set, making this not only rare but also a potential collectible along with the other images from the series. As of writing, 93% of the project has been minted and claimed, with the remainder to sell out in only a few days.

The project’s message about addiction through technology is as powerful as any rarity chart and the art can back this up. Through a solid roadmap with a strong social direction that enables others to tell their story, Lucid Dream looks to be a rewarding project beyond any monetary value.

What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap for this project is clearly stated on their website and in the discord. During Q4 of 2021, there will be 4 drops in the Addiction series spread out through Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. The series will wrap up at the beginning of the next year. Each set in the series will consist of 1,000 unique images with proceeds to benefit the Sourire de Reda association to help bring awareness to how technology can impact mental illness. In addition to the first series, Series 2: Tamed will be revealed in Q1 2022 perhaps containing another 4 sets in this series. 

Who are the team members?

Consisting of an all Moroccan team, the Lucid Dream founders Omar, Hamza, and Ismail have joined other local artists to create the vision and smooth launch of the project. Formally a team looking to raise awareness through streetwear, their pivot towards emerging markets like the CNFT space, is a welcomed addition. Little more is known about this team, but after talking to them on discord, they have stated that they will be updating the website with more information in the coming releases.

Final Thoughts.

Good artwork will get you somewhere, but good artwork that provokes emotion turns into great artwork that can carry more weight than face value. Lucid Dream transcends the p4p type and into something with more meaning as their message is sent through the viewer in a seemingly simple image. We have all felt the tug of the “ding” when the phone goes off from yet another notification, sparking a rush of endorphins creating that pattern for addiction. As the younger generations grow into a rapidly changing world with connectivity 24/7, sometimes we lose sight of our own wellbeing in favor of our outward projections on social media and in online spaces. Lucid Dream is a project that stares these problems in the face and looks to bring further awareness to those who may still be stuck in the nightmare of addiction.

***Single Point Gallery does not give out financial advice nor are we affiliated with this project, we are merely an informational and entertainment entity. Buyers should always complete their own due diligence and decide on their own merits***

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