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Heist on Alpha Review

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What is Heist on Alpha?

An ambitious and highly polished project, Heist on Alpha oozes big-budget Hollywood style through the eye-popping visuals, while the story firmly grabs hold of you and tosses you into a portal with no regard to the obstructions on the other side. This comic book and collectible series is the first chapter of many more to come, including an animated TV show!

A look at the Heist on Alpha Artwork.

Heist on Alpha is one of those projects that either excites you immediately or not as comics are not everyone’s thing. However, Heist on Alpha does garner immediate attention to anyone who visits their website. Greeted by a full-width banner image taken right from the book. Heist on Alpha continues this trend of spontaneity through the bright yellow background only to ease the viewer’s curiosity with yet a few more slides from the comic book. As individual images, each slide is able to hold its own, putting many other NFTs and major comic book publishers to shame. Taking a peek at the teaser comic book lends a visual treat of bright colors, fast action, and a method for delivering a unique look at each Earth version. The characters show expressive features and command your attention especially when the action ramps up.

What makes this a compelling project?

Michael Yee, Heist on Alpha’s main story writer along with artists Crizam Zamora and Arthur Hesli has a compelling project that aims to deliver a strong story with stunning visuals over the course of several issues with Series Two already in the works set to release in February of 2022. Furthermore, Series Three and Series Four are set to release in 2022, featuring new artists that will input their art perspective on the growing characters. Series One, is set to release on November 9th, 2021 according to the team.  

In addition to the comic book, a TV series is also planned. There is still limited information about this project as this is in early production. However, there are still shots and a short teaser trailer created in Unity Game Engine with smooth fast animation with highly detailed 3D renders of the first page from the comic. As an aside, the car used in the comic depicts a Camaro while the video footage clearly shows a Mustang-inspired car, this footage is only a concept. The art direction being pursued is a “live-action” virtual production that has some interesting team members behind it.

What does the roadmap look like?

A comic book, a collectors series, and perhaps at some point a TV Show? Heist On Alpha would make for an exciting TV series and is currently in the hands of producers trying to make it happen. The roadmap also depicts a number of future releases that continue the story inviting new artists to take part in the Heist on Alpha universe. With additional art being released alongside new chapters, future plans also include generative art, a CNFT game as well as a standalone videogame.

Who are the team members?

Heist on Alpha consists of three teams, the Comic Book team with series creator and writer Michael Yee, with Artists Crizam Zamora and Arthur Hesli. The NFT Development team is composed of frontend and backend developers, Patrick Tobler, Kristian Portz, and Tobias Steffen. The third, the TV Series team led by producers Kimberly Boyd, James Trevena, and Ivana Baquero. 

Final Thoughts.

Comic Books are some of our first collectibles as children. It would only be natural to extend this medium to the NFT marketplace. Heist on Alpha is one of the thousands of comic book projects that are coming to various blockchains. However, the artwork is some of the best I have seen with a story that brings me back to my days watching Sliders, on the edge of my seat to see what new world the group would teleport to. Heist on Alpha’s teaser leaves off right at the moment they hit the portal. What is on the other side? Who was that man with the swords? What are they trying to steal? As with all good stories, you leave your reader wanting more. I can see where this project is going and hope the best for the team and the project. This is one project that we will revisit in the future to check on the progress.

***Single Point Gallery does not give out financial advice nor are we affiliated with this project, we are merely an informational and entertainment entity. Buyers should always complete their own due diligence and decide on their own merits***

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