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Fantastic art, creative storylines, and a collectible element to keep collectors and monster hunters alike coming back for more. 13 monster cards displaying exceptional artwork of various mythical monsters from real-world lore including Sasquatch, Chupacabra, and Manticore to name a few. Along with the amazing artwork, this project drips with creativity through storytelling and creative presence for any lover of cryptozoology. The collectibility is set through rarity sets with a range of 5 levels and one additional 1of1 set. The 1of1 set is only for the best of cryptozoology hunters that are able to complete the challenge. A thoughtful and colorful project in every manner, Cryptozoology may get a deeper dive from Single Point Gallery.

Revas World

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An ambitious project, Reva’s World, is the first-ever NFT collection to be turned into a feature film. Reva, the main character in the movie, is a 26-year-old girl who is suffering from a rare condition which she needs to overcome; which is the premise behind the plot of the movie. Each NFT is a representation of a specific shot to be filmed in different sets including, storyboard panels, close-ups, and long-shots, as well as additional collectible assets that are unique with specific attributes that will earn you special perks. These perks include the behind-the-scenes look of the filming and crew members, being added to the credits, and exclusive viewings for trailer releases, etc. Reva’s World is an interesting project for those looking for more than just a p4p.

Fancy Foxes

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Fancy Foxes, an adorable looking NFT with some functionality behind it as well. Starting with the first collection, these foxes will allow owners to court a “foxy lady” through future airdrops. The implementation of the two seasons is still being determined, but the idea for breeding may arise through the 3D game being developed. Foxes Forest is the name of the upcoming 3D game element for the project with initial testing videos released on Twitter showing a 3D rendered fox in a low-poly style world walking, jumping, and exploring the world. Additional features like scavenger hunts for items may also be involved in the Foxes Forest rollout. 


Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

An interesting project with detailed hand-drawn artwork and a fun story to fill in the backstory for the characters and the Ethermob world. Each NFT is in one of three rarities based on the characters Akunin with 6,666, Akuma with 3,000, and Goken the rarest at a mere 333. The characters each contain their own rare traits that further enhance the collectability of this project. In addition to the great collectible art, a comic will be created around this world and perhaps use this medium to introduce new characters in the future. Additional features for this project include 3D assets for those who collect an entire set, community participation through academy-like services on YouTube, as well as a community vault. I highly suggest checking out the whitepaper on their website for more information.

Old Money

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

Admittedly I just stumbled across this project today, but I must say it has caught my attention. The website itself is an experience with raucous flair and a hilarious farewell to fiat! Lending to the feel of the dying economy, three well-produced quick edits of old footage cut together from their Youtube and can be found on the bottom of their website is just hilarious. Self-described MFers Hoodro and Trixson, the creators of the project, have an eye for that old money design as each Old Money NFT presents a unique version of the Inflation Times and President Xesserson on a $.02 bill. This creative team is now in their second mint of the “Inflation Times” Newspapers, with their highly anticipated $.2 bills coming around the corner. While the details on this project are a little hazy, this one could be one to look out for in the future!

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