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The Card Room Series 2 Mutations Review

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What is The Card Room: Series 2 Mutations?

Now in the second series, The Card Room has launched their latest NFT project with some unique features unseen in the space so far. While series one is inspired by traditional playing cards through the developers’ love for the game of Poker, series 2 is a whole different set of cards. Series 2 now includes a new mechanic called mutations that allow any CNFT owner to mutate their CNFT into a new CNFT.  This set works in conjunction with series 1 as the team are looking to develop further game elements for the community.

A look at the Mutation Artwork.

While offering functionality in a completely new way that will inspire new generations of NFT projects in the future, the artwork is some of the best in the CNFT scene. The team member known as JJ mentioned in a recent Twitter space, his inspiration towards the artwork for this project. Recalling past music festival posters with psychedelic imagery and the bright trip-inducing colors with bold lines and dithered patterns; his intent was to evoke the passion for those acid dreams. Series 2: Mutations nails this look in every form adding unique qualities to each piece including 26 Characters, 13 backgrounds, 73 mutations, 5 potencies, and dozens of other features creating millions of possibilities. Not only are the characters dripping with pop-culture references, but each individual flavor and dose includes influences from the technical world, NFT spaces, psychedelic culture. Some may even liken this back to the blacklight posters that were ever so popular in the late 1960s and 1970s hanging in the dens of degenerates of yore.

What makes this a compelling project?

The Card Room, now in series 2, is creating a unique space within the CNFT community with AI and Smart Contracts including the mutation series mentioned above. With a limited run of just 1,000, the prospect for mutation cards is very limited. At the time of writing, only 150 CNFTs remain to be minted, creating a scarce series that will gain more attention as the mutation process is used. Mutations are the driving factor in this project and contain some of the algorithmic magic that will create a unique one-of-a-kind result. 

The premise is quite simple, albeit with amazing results! The mutation process will be set up in the near future through The Card Room’s website as a service allowing any mutation holder to create new CNFTs. These highly potent mutations, when combined with another NFT, will create a synthetic AI generative fork, resulting in a totally new NFT.

During the Twitter space presentation, JJ and KK from The Card Room discussed how this process will work with any CNFT and were met with great fanfare. Each mutation can be used multiple times as there is no burn mechanism set for this series. Users will be able to retain their original CNFTs while mutating a new CNFT. From here, it would be up to the user to decide what to do with their original CNFTs. The mutation service will launch once all Series 2 cards are minted through The Card Room’s website. Pricing is yet to be determined, however, KK has noted that the first time will be free and subsequent times will have a small fee to cover maintenance and development costs.

What does the roadmap look like?

Now in the second phase of the roadmap, The Card Room is delivering on its promises in a timely manner with its Series 2 launch. With the AI Mutation Oracle already in the works, the future looks bright for this team and the project. Future updates include mechanisms that may include royalties and rewards, a marketplace, and a little further down the road card games including the team’s favorite, poker. Being a holder also has its perks as there will be multiple airdrops as new series’ are being released. Currently, the team is working on Series 3 Queens which will launch sometime in Q1 of 2022.

Who are the team members?

The Card Room team consists of three members including developer KK, social media manager JJ and artistic director KQ. Each member brings their unique skill set to the project with highly-anticipated tech and incredible artwork. Self-described poker fanatics, it is clear that this team has the right mindset to deliver on a unique gaming experience in the near future. With the pleasure of talking to KK, his passion and love for the NFT space are evident through his willingness to help others achieve their dreams by offering his knowledge in creating mint services and collaborating with other ventures. The Card Room looks to have the right people to create further successful projects in-house and through collaborations. I would highly suggest checking out their website if anyone is looking to partner with a solid team!

Final Thoughts.

The Card Room Series 2: mutations is poised to be one of those projects that people wished they got into from the beginning. The unique premise of mutations will be adopted by many in the next frontier of game development for NFTs as well as the outstanding artwork inspired by those festival nights. It will be exciting to see what this team has in store for the next series as those lucky few who hold Series 1 and Series 2 will be airdropped new CNFTs in the future surely with functionality. As for Series 2, the mutation service will be launching after all Series 2 CNFTs are minted. Nearly 850/1000 are minted as of writing and the time to get into this project is slipping by quickly. The Card Room is a contender in the CNFT space with a skillful team, good functionality, and willingness to extend their knowledge in the community by offering services, this team is one to watch out for in 2022 and beyond!

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