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Bohemian Bulldogs NFT Review

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What is Bohemian Bulldogs?

Bohemian Bulldogs, an Ethereum ERC-721 NFT project consisting of 10,000 unique & randomly generated collectible Bulldogs with references and culture inspired by the 70’s/80’s era of fashion from artists like Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol. The Bohemian Bulldogs project is attempting to create a private community with early exclusive access to their projects, experiences, and connections with other Bulldog owners.

A Look at the Bohemian Bulldogs Artwork

Renowned artists like Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol, along with cute French Bulldogs, inspired the team to create this NFT collection The seventies and eighties saw an explosion of rebellious fashion as new media such as MTV and other cable television programs became more popular. Bohemian Bulldogs looks to encapsulate this era with the Boho style draped over a French Bulldog. From hats to glasses, to jewelry the accessories capture the look and style of the time with unique elements from the DNA of each Bulldog. The exceptional art from the team includes over 300+ Elements, 200+ Outfits, 20+ Head Accessories, 20+ Collars, 20+ Eyewear, 20+ Furs, 10+ Emotions, and multiple background styles including specific influential areas like New York, London, and Los Angeles. With every possible configuration, this project exceeds the 1,000,000,000+ combination mark and displays some really unique examples.

The Bohemian Bulldogs are separated by sets. These sets include Streetstyle, Bohemian, Boho, Business, and Capsule. Below is a reference to each type.


We succumb to the culture of the street styles of the ’80s. Free, mischievous, and unrepeatable design that we are going to revive with the most recognized and emblematic backgrounds.


Smells of fragrance, richness, and exclusivity. We move to the most exclusive neighborhoods of the city, where each Bulldog wears his style tattooed on the skin.


Has anyone heard of Pret-a-porter clothing? These Bulldogs are the ones that carry the most valuable materials and show their style with chains and high-end accessories, without forgetting to wear a very cool eighties hairstyle.


White-collar workers are here, to move all the money in the world and wear the most exclusive suits with a specific French stem fitted style.

Capsule Collection

We have collected the craziest ideas of artists, fashion designers, and the most iconic personalities of that time. Freddy, BJovi, Warhol, and other celebrities make way for a super exclusive culture and style.

What makes Bohemian Bulldogs a compelling project?

One of the most riotous, curated but also random NFT projects to date, the Bohemian Bulldogs team is creating some innovative aspects for NFTs. Each NFT is akin to a membership program in which this team looks to continue to create and distribute new content. Along with the giveaways, random drops, and utility, the Bohemian Bulldogs team is looking to create a strong community behind the project. Attempting to bring the community together in offline events, governance for future developments and a strong and active Twitter and Discord allows for members to be part of an exclusive club.

NFT projects have become much more than gaining a spectacular profile picture or flipping for profit. It is clear that this team is looking to create a movement behind their projects. Returning nearly 10% of all ETH via contests, airdrops, and more, the Bohemian Bulldogs team is continuing to bolster their community, known collectively as the #BBArmy.

But let’s not forget about the utility! Bohemian Bulldogs consist of two genders. As of right now, all newly minted Bulldogs are male, with the female counterpart to drop to holders. This aspect is a little cloudy right now as not all the Bohemian Bulldogs are minted, but the plan looks to be 5,000 female dogs will airdrop to some current holders. From the looks of other “breedable” NFTs, this project will create unique NFTs with the traits of the parents. Whether there will be a burn mechanism is yet to be disclosed. As of writing, the team has yet to disclose who will receive the airdrop or when this drop will happen, other than “late November”. Let’s all hope that this female airdrop is called “Bohemian Bitches”.

Beyond the utility of the NFTs, the team behind Bohemian Bulldogs is looking to capitalize on the NFT craze with exclusive merchandise and custom illustrations from unique artists as new series are being released.

What does the Roadmap look like?

Minting has already begun and is currently about 50% minted with over 4.6k assets claimed. With 1,000 assets being reserved by the team for promotional purposes, this leaves room for more sales and growth. The roadmap clearly depicts a second series with the female versions within the next month. Further, plans include an ecosystem with farming logic and the eventual NFT-game. This NFT game is vague at the moment, stating something along the lines of the traditional board game Monopoly. Although the roadmap is thin, the project still has a large number of followers with enough assets minted to reach the next stage of the roadmap. Time will tell if the team can deliver on its promises in 2022.

Who are the team members?

The Bohemian Bulldogs project is run by a team of passionate Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Designers, and Blockchain experts. The team is self-described below.

CEO – A visionary guy with a dream that turned into reality in BB. Lover of new experiences and new challenges, with an impeccable journey in the world of cryptocurrencies and web design.

Game Design – He has a strong background in gaming and gaming development at all stages from design to art. He also has a background in many different game styles from 2d RPGs to point and click adventures.

Marketing – Marketing all-rounder and fashion lover with the highest experience in man-style direction. “Details are matter to create a unique style”.

Technical – BB co-founder and Blockchain technology lover. He loves a good rager and knows every single number of our smart contract.

Artwork – A true pioneer in digital animation and teaching design. Blockchain technology has fulfilled a dream of his, bringing his ideas of fashion Bulldogs to the masses. He has created 10,000 unique and hand-drawn avatars.

Social Media Marketing – In the past, he worked in the gaming industry, managing marketing tunnels. He hopes to raise mental health awareness with his marketing tools & help bring people into the crypto community. He is a massive Dota fan.

Final Thoughts.

Bohemian Bulldogs is a project with a lot of promise from the exceptional art design to the fun utility of the next series. With NFTs, there seems to be a new emphasis on future projects within the ecosystem creating a membership program through the initial offerings. Bohemian Bulldogs looks to establish their project to such heights as the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club but has a bit of a stall with a floor price currently lower than the mint price. As of this writing, minting is set at .09 ETH, but the floor price on markets like is starting around .02 ETH, well below the new mint price. The project looks to be on track for a big community, but perhaps the extremely high gas fees of Ethereum are scaring would-be buyers. Overall this project has the hallmarks of a solid community, good art, a strong roadmap, and a membership mentality to make this the next big thing. If the team can get past the unfortunate gas problems, this project may become Top100 on Ethereum.

***Single Point Gallery does not give out financial advice, we are merely an informational and entertainment entity.***

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