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5 CNFTs to watch in November

Those familiar with NFTs already know that the collectability on the Ethereum blockchain is rocketing to new highs and the floor prices for many of these projects also follow this pattern. Where high floor prices, high gas fees, and an immense amount of new projects are listed every day it may be hard to find the right ones. While these projects can be a make or break for many collectors the entry is too high for many new participants.

This is why Single Point Gallery will be looking at a few alternative NFT collections in a completely different blockchain, one where the floor prices are reasonable and the gas fees are minimal. This blockchain is Cardano, a relatively new platform that has enabled NFTs (Known as CNFT). Today we will be looking at a few CNFT projects on this blockchain.


***note: project release dates may change, please view the project website and social media for up-to-date information.***

Camel Club

Minting Now

Website | Twitter | Discord

Camel Club is an NFT project that has some excellent art and a few more use cases than the typical NFT. While the artwork is a bit simple, where each camel has certain attributes like patterns of Fur, head garments, jewelry, and other fun attributes that a camel may possess. Camel Club’s roadmap is robust and contains many interesting factors that could launch this project to the top. First, there is a game behind the project called “Top Humps”. This game is yet to be released, but also contains special NFT drops for holders who participate. Second, there is a charity component. As of writing this article, this project has donated 6800 ADA (~$13,600) to the Afghanistan Refugee Crisis Appeal (British Red Cross) with more to be donated as the project continues. There is a lot more to like about this project as the developers continue to innovate with airdrop specials, split royalties between holders, and even more further on the roadmap!

Wild Warriors

Minting Now

Website | Twitter | Discord

A great example of a strong team with a large number of followers that has produced high-quality NFTs is Wild Warriors. The story behind these NFTs has deep and interesting lore that creates a strong community around these Sub-Saharan soldiers. With 10,000 wild warriors invading the Cardano blockchain, this project has already seen massive adoption and had to recently push the second round of minting to meet the high demand. With ambitious projects in the works for the future, the team behind Wild Warriors is cautious about overpromising. The road map does have future projects listed, but with little details. Time will tell if this project succeeds or not, but this project has had a good start.

Bumping Uglies

Release Date: November 6

Website | Twitter | Discord

Perhaps the most anticipated CNFT around the Single Point Gallery office is a project called Bumping Uglies. While the name may be crude, the project is choke-full of interesting ideas and innovations. Bumping Uglies has a unique set of “uglies” in both male and female forms. These uglies can then mate to make new NFTs by having babies. What makes this project extra special is the “Minger Matchmaker” system that acts like tinder for uglies. “Ugly Mommas can search for the rarest of Daddies… Ugly Daddies can sell their rarity for a fee of their choosing.” The possibility to create new babies and watch them grow into teens and beyond is too tempting to not check out. Bumping Uglies drops on November 6th with a promising roadmap 2.0 to keep this project fresh. #CantWait

Nerds & Virgins

Release Date: November 10

Website | Twitter | Discord

Much like the teenage raunchy comedy movies of the yesteryears, Nerds and Virgins looks to capture that same feeling of desperate Nerds looking to get laid before moving off to college. A unique premise with artwork reminding me of Netflix’s show “Big Mouth”, these Nerds are primed to release on November 10th. Founder @APECrypto, a CNFT influencer, is joined by other CNFT specialists to round out the team. With a comical concept and decent artwork to go along, the roadmap looks to be filling in with future drops keeping this project alive for many months to come. As of writing, the website is still in development and we will update the blog post once launched.

Mocossi Planet

Release Date: November 14

Website | Twitter | Discord

Rounding our lot of 5 is the project Mocossi Planet. Starting with the genesis collection of 10,000, these NFTs will have some game mechanics in the future. The Roadmap clearly displays the direction of the project stating it is the first virtual pet game on the Cardano platform. Players will be able to raise pets, collect accessories, and earn Mocossi tokens through gameplay. Future development of the project will also include the Mocossi Planet, where players may be able to purchase land and houses for their pets. This project looks promising with already a large following on Twitter and Discord. Many members of the Single Point Gallery team are excited for these adorable NFTs to drop.

These projects sure look promising on the Cardano platform. Please check back for updates as new data like website links will be added as they are released.

Single Point Gallery is not a financial advisor, please make sound decisions and invest only what you are willing to lose!

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