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Single Point Gallery Presents at CIC Building, Providence RI

Thursday night at the CIC Building in Providence, RI, Single Point Gallery presented to local artists, collectors, and the greater community about their new projects in the virtual space and NFT technologies. An engaging discussion touched on the latest technology and how this can benefit artists and collectors alike.

Though the pandemic has closed many galleries and hit the livelihood of artists through severe impacts of closures, cancellations, and ever-changing guidelines, Single Point Gallery presented the ideas of Virtual Galleries that enable the artist to create a virtual world in which their art can be showcased.

Kayla and Shawn presenting at the CIC Building

Perhaps the most significant impact of the night was around Non-Fungible Tokens and the use cases in the art world. Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, can connect the artist, unlike any other media. NFTs act as a certificate of authenticity that enables smart contracts to engage during a transaction. Artists can now monetize, track, and receive royalties on their work all through Non-Fungible Tokens.

The highlights also include Single Point Gallery’s NFT services helping onboard new artists to the blockchain world, allowing them to enable these smart contracts. Single Point Gallery has publically announced their offerings for NFT Consultant work, NFT Art Generation, and taking on more artists for new Virtual Galleries.

If you or an artist you know is looking to establish themselves on the blockchain to create NFTs, NFT Random Generation, or create a Virtual Gallery, please fill out the form below.

Artist Interest Form

Shawn demonstrated Virtual Galleries in VR using the Oculus Quest 2

Special thanks to our friends at the CIC Building Providence.

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